How Many 1540 Laser Treatments Can I Get Before It Becomes Dangerous?

i have had like 10 or 12 1540 treatments between 2 years and i had my last one 2 weeks ago.. and this time something went wrong i guess cause the area treated a scar still very red after 2 weeks.. so i dont know what to do ..this is the first time mostly that this happen.. im using hydroquone and cortisone for minor injuries... and still red... what should i do????

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Number of Sessions with 1540 Treatments

You can do as many treatments as you need to achieve the desirable results. Make sure, you do have enough time to heal the skin in between sessions. Usually 4 to 6 weeks between sessions. Do not worry about the readiness; it might last longer than 2 weeks post-procedure. Make sure
to continue the use of after-care products for better healing.

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