How Many 1540 Laser Treatments Can I Get Before It Becomes Dangerous?

i have had like 10 or 12 1540 treatments between 2 years and i had my last one 2 weeks ago.. and this time something went wrong i guess cause the area treated a scar still very red after 2 weeks.. so i dont know what to do ..this is the first time mostly that this happen.. im using hydroquone and cortisone for minor injuries... and still red... what should i do????

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Number of Sessions with 1540 Treatments

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You can do as many treatments as you need to achieve the desirable results. Make sure, you do have enough time to heal the skin in between sessions. Usually 4 to 6 weeks between sessions. Do not worry about the readiness; it might last longer than 2 weeks post-procedure. Make sure
to continue the use of after-care products for better healing.

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