What Can I Expect from 1540 Fractional Laser?

I am an Indian male, 46 years old. One of the Indian beauticians suggested to me the "1540 fractional laser" treatment to remove the dark sunburn patches on my face.

Can anyone share with me the precautions I should take and results I can expect fom this procedure? It would be done in India. Thanks in advance.

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Although it is difficult to predict results, most likely you will see improvement.

Non-ablative fractional devices can help to improve skin scarring and discoloration. However, these improvements take time and multiple treatments (at least 3-5 treatments monthly). Additionally, any laser treatments in darker skin types can cause potential skin darkening. So my recommendation is to try treatment test spots prior to embarking on complete facial treatments. If no negative side effects seen after test spot, then start with your treatments and anticipate subtle and slow results. During the treatments, please avoid sun exposure and use a sunblock to minimize recurrence of the dark patches. Good luck.

Davie Dermatologist
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Unfortunately I would not expect very much change```

I doubt that you will see a dramatic change using this particular technology.  Very few plastic surgeons are currently using this particular treatment  because the changes are minimal and the costs high.  That is a combination that does not work well in most of our practices.

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
Lexington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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