Having difficulty taking deep breaths at times. I've already ruled out blood clot. Is this normal after tummy tuck?

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle and hernia repair 8 days ago. I am healing very well and am in little pain, although two days ago I noticed that I am starting to have a difficult time taking a full deep breath. I went to the hospital to rule out a PE and everything came back fine. My question is: is it normal to have difficulty taking a full deep breath? Is this something that will correct itself with time as things loosen up? Thanks!

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It is very common to have difficulty taking a deep breath this soon after a TT.  A full TT often includes tightening the rectus muscles in order to flatten the belly and this can push the diaphragms up creating the feeling you are having.  It will resolve on its own within a few weeks of the procedure.

There are other causes of shortness of breath after surgery which must be assessed.  You have already ruled out a PE.  Call your PS and let him know of your concerns.  Your PS will evaluate worrisome causes of difficulty breathing.

I hope this helps.

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