Kidney infection two weeks before surgery.

what can I do if after i sending all labs and clearence letter to my surgeon and had everything ready for my surgery that I've waited eight months, just two weeks before doing my surgery i start to feel much pain and burning during urination and when I repeat urine exams the doctor determine that I have a kidney infection. my general doctor told me that everything was fine, but i was not . what is going to happend i going to lose my money, or can I have the surgery with the infection?

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Kidney infection two weeks before surgery.

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... I have to say that it will be dangerous for your health to have a procedure like this when you're declared a conditioned patient with this problem.. It will be better to wait until you feel better.

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Kidney infection - Can I still have surgery?

You should not undertake an elective procedure until you have been cleared from acute medical problems. Give your body time to heal the kidney infection before putting yourself at increased risk from anesthesia and compromise healing other parts of your body. You should discuss this with your surgeon. You should be able to postpone your surgery date without any financial consequence. Most board certified plastic surgeons will not allow you to have the procedure if you are not cleared of other medical issues. 

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Kidney infection two weeks before surgery.

Most PS have a policy that if you move surgery with a big enough window 24-72h etc. that you are not penalized. You just pick a later surgery date that works for you. Call you PS and ask them. My policy in my office is 72h. Usually a straight forward urinary tract infection can be treated in a few days with an antibiotic and will not affect your surgery. The infection will be long gone in two weeks. Make sure you tell your PS of the situation ASAP so that you guys can figure out what works best for you. 

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