15 Yrs Later I Still Hate my Smile. How Can I Fix my Smile/ Mouth After Already Having Braces?

I had braces when I was 13, and I have never been happy with the results. My teeth are perfectly straight, but you can hardly see my teeth unless I do BIG smile. It felt like the orthodontist pushed my front teeth back into my gums. I have larger teeth but a smaller face. Can this be fixed? If so how?

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Unhappy with orthodontic result

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"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves"

Shakespeare..Julius Caesar Sorry about the quote, but I like it!....but it may fit.  Sometimes the fault is not the orthodontist but just what he/she has to work with.  There are patients (I'm one) whose facial structure is such that they show very little teeth when they smile.  It is just the way they are built.  Before blaming the orthodontic treatment find a good orthodontist and get yourself evaluated

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