Is 15 too young for fat grafting under eyes?

I have very thin, transparent skin under my eyes and I'm only 15 (I turn 16 later this year). Blue veins are obvious and the skin is loose and lackluster. It seems to be a loss of volume from lack of fat, and I'm wondering if at my age open composite fat grafting would be appropriate? This has been a huge blow to my self-esteem for 4 years and I can't wait until I'm in university to get this procedure done. Am I too young or are there any alternative procedures that doesn't include injections?

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Fat grafting probably not the answer

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Fat grafting when done around the eyelids needs to be placed deep to the orbicularis muscle [the muscle that helps close the eyelids] so that the lumpiness doesn't happen.
Loose, thin skin revealing the underlying vessels will not be addressed by fat grafting.

Laser resurfacing may help with collagen production and would improve the loose skin, and possibly make the veins a bit less apparent as the increased collagen makes the skin slightly thicker.

However, you are entirely too young for this procedure and I don't believe any surgeon or dermatologist would perform laser resurfacing at your age.
Be patient. Your self esteem should not be linked to minor facial irregularities. We all have them and we always notice it more on ourselves than others.
Talk to your parents about your concerns. Family support is always helpful.

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