1.5 years after Asian double eyelid revision and ptosis correction and my eyes cannot close completely. (photos)

I had Asian double eyelid Revision surgery (to lower crease) and mild ptosis correction 1.5 years ago. Since then, I have been suffering from dry eyes and my eyes do not blink completely. My surgeon tells me he did not cut any skin away and he assures me it is just scarring. I have attached pictures to show my eye closure throughout healing. Will this heal on its own? Is it reasonable to treat it somehow so I don't have to wait a few more years in discomfort? If so, what can be done? Thanks.

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Incomplete eyelid closure after Asian Eyelid surgery

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  I am sorry that you are having this difficulty.  What does your eyelid surgeon recommend?  Are you happy with the appearance of the eyelids when looking straight ahead?   Before doing this, perhaps your doctor would be willing to inject steroids to soften the scar tissue?  This might be all that you need.  If this is not successful and if you are using ocular lubricants and you are still symptomatic, then certainly a revision procedure may be indicated.  Good luck.

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Incomplete blink and dry eyes

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I would probably start with something simple like PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to relax the scar tissue.  This is very low risk and may be helpful.  I would see consultations and person with more than a few oculoplastic surgeons before proceeding with anything however.

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