15 Years Old Soon 16 - How Would I Go About Having a Breast Reduction As I Really Want One ?

so throughout my so far teen years my breasts have made me miserable, I'm 5ft 3, im 15 they're a 34F. i really really hate it and it makes me want to cry all the time when i look in the mirror and tops look ridiculous being as i have a narrow waist.i get bullied as their so big + I'm very sporty and hope to be a p.e teacher but my breasts affect that too. my shoulders, neck and back hurt from them so i need to know the best option for going about having a breast reduction any tips etc. thanks x

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Adolescent Breast Reduction Indications

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Teen Breast Reduction Indications
From your description, despite your relatively young age you are probably a candidate for Breast reduction because of the severe back, neck and shoulder pain as well as the psychological discomfort evident in your note. You may be suffering from Virginal breast hypertrophy. The concern of course is that your breasts may also grow after the surgery requiring a second surgery for optimal results. Always contact a board certified plastic surgeon.for expert advice.
When excessively large breasts also called gigantomastia, occurs in young women during puberty, this uncommon medical condition is known as  Virginal breast hypertrophy.  A diagnosis is made when an adolescent's breasts grow rapidly and achieve great weight usually soon after her first menstrual period.
Some women with virginal breast hypertrophy experience breast growth at a constant rate for several years then the breasts rapidly develop, exceeding normal growth.. This causes emotional and  physical discomfort.
At the onset of puberty, some females who have experienced little or no breast development can grow three or more cup sizes within a few days.

Breast Reduction for the young patient

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Thank you for your question.

I would recommend that you and your parent(s) visit with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with this operation and discuss your options.  If your breast size is not continuing to increase (it has been stable), you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Do your research and find a surgeon you and your parents are comfortable with.

Good Luck!

Too young for a breast reduction?

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It is not unusual to perform a breast reduction on a young woman.  If your breast growth has been stable for at least one year then you may be ready.  It certainly sounds like you have many symptoms related to large breasts and would benefit from a reduction.  Get together with your parents and seek out the advice of a qualified plastic surgeon in your area.  

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