Can a 15 Year Old Get a BBL in Bolivia?

Im thinking of getting a BBL for my 15th birthday. Ive been thinking of doing this for years & i have done my research. i come from a family that has small butts so waiting untill im older wont help... Im getting the surgery in Bolivia because its more affordable & the clinic im thinking of going to is the Sensual BodyDream Clinic in Bolibia. I just want to know if they will perform the surgery on a minor ? Thank You <3

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Please contact the clinic directly for the answer to your question. I have also provided a few links below that may help you with your research:

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15 year old Brazilian Buttlift

   I would not recommend this type of surgery for a 15 year old.  In general, a patient should be of musculoskeletal maturity and at goal weight.  Younger patients can sometimes transform rather dramatically with the addition of a strengthening and fitness program.   Also, sometimes a late growth spurt can change things as well.

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