No Results From 15% TCA Peel

I had a 15% TCA peel. No sting/frost after 2 mins. Only slight tightening. Next day I had a second layer, swiping over cheeks several times. Barely any burning/frosting after 2 mins. Wrinkly skin, but presentable, not red. Day 4 peeling started, but the skin underneath is no different! I have some ice pick scares that seem less deep, but the hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, blackheads and enlarged porse are the exact same. Should I do a stronger peel? How long until I try another peel?

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TCA peel

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Without seeing you or your skin, it is impossible to give you advice.  This is both because sun sensitivity and skin tone are of extreme importance when one is considering a medium or deep peel, and because direct excision of deep acne pits may be a better treatment than a TCA peel in some patients.  Again, without examination, it is impossible to offer an opinion on treatment.

In general, "frosting" should occur at the time of the peel.  If it didn't, it perhaps the TCA might have been expired, might have been exposed to light and inactivated, or might have been improperly applied.  It is best to wait for at a few weeks after this peel before undergoing another medium/deep peel so that the inflammatory reponse in the skin can subside.  Too many procedures done in short succession may impede healing and lead to less than optimal results.

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