15 months post op Blerophlasty, I have uneven eyes, sagging on the upper lid, & swelling under the eyes. Is this normal? (photo)

It has been 15 months since my upper and lower blepharoplasty. I am having difficulty opening my right eye. The lid appears to be sagging and makes me look cross-eyed. I also still have swelling under my eyes that are not resolved by gentle ice packs. I am looking for professional advice and am willing to travel to fix this horrible situation. Please provide me with your professional advice.

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The good news is that this is fixable.

It is true that you have ptosis.  However, the ptosis does not affect just one eyelid.  Both eyelids have ptosis.  It is the presence of ptosis that makes correcting eyelids like your possible.  What is going on with the eyelid is that you have too much platform showing, the platform that is visible contains too much skin and orbicularis oculi muscle.  Lifting the eyelid with ptosis surgery will make the platform look smaller and also open the eyes so they appear brighter.  Removing skin and muscle below the upper eyelid crease will thin and smooth the upper eyelid platform and allow the current eyelid folds to appear smoother.  They are being ruffled by the thickish upper eyelid platform.  The lower eyelid situation is more complex and it is possible that you might be pretty satisfied by just correcting the upper eyelids at this time.  My website has examples of this type of surgical approach to fix Asian eyelids.

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By looking at your photos it appears that you have what is called a ptosis is to the right upper lid. This can be corrected by tightening the muscle in your right upper lid and lifting it about 1 millimeter to give you symmetry. By the appearance of your lower lid incisions it appears that your lower lids need a complete revision. It's also possible too much skin was removed below your eyes as well... To evaluate further I would need more photos in different areas of gaze. Hope this helps and good luck!

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