1.5 Month Post Open Septo-rhinoplasty , Bone Growth?

It's hard so it's not swelling...and it's exactly in the middle of my nose bone and cartilage it's tiny and not mentionable(so I couldnt take photo),but I can feel it by touching. and I'm afraid cause it grows more gradually. what's the reason?why this happened? I asked the surgeon and he respond to push it by force! but I dont trust him anymore cause the treatment is ridiculous. does it need an revision?next 2 month I have a party and I dont want more swelling by revision.what else can I do?

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Rhinoplasty at 1.5 months

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At 1.5 months your nose is likely  very  swollen and you may feel firmness deep.  Give it time to heal.

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Hard Spot on Bridge after Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for the question. I understand your concern, but it is really very early to be considering revision. Massage (or pressing with your fingers) can actually be very helpful for small areas of firm swelling or scar tissue.  In some patients, I will use small injections of a dilute steroid as well. If you are still unhappy after 9 months, then you can plan for revision surgery around one year post-op. Best of luck moving forward!

Palpable but not visible contour irregularities after rhinoplasty should be left alone.

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If you can feel but don't see the contour issue with the nose is no reason to consider a revision. Keep in touch with your surgeon until all resolution of swelling is complete.

At this time I would wait, you will be able to better decide if a revision is necessary later on

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Thank for the question.  It sounds like you may a have a small piece of cartilage or bone in that area.  This can be covered by swelling early on and as the swelling goes away the bump becomes more apparent.  With additional healing the body may place some collagen down and the bump may not be as noticeable.  Since you have a social event coming up, a revision at this time may not be the best decision.  Let some more time pass and re-evaluate along the way as the body heals and the swelling goes away.  When the time comes you will have a few options including formal revision, steroid injection, and closed treatment.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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1.5 Month Post Open Septo-rhinoplasty , Bone Growth?

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Dear Dewd,

While a bony callus can form gradually after a rhinoplasty (its very rare), it is more likely that this small bump was already there and the swelling was hiding it.  As the swelling went down, (and is going down) the bump becomes more noticeable.  It sounds like it is very small.  I would simply watch it at this point.  Your surgeon, or any other experienced surgeon, will not do a revision at this point.  You need to wait until all the swelling goes away before this happens.  If it is a bony callus, then possible x-ray therapy after the revision may be necessary.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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