How Will a 15 Lb Weight Loss Within a Week's Time After Facelift/facial Fat Transfer Affect the Newly Grafted Tem Cells?

I have been so depressed and distraugt over the outcome of a facelift that was recommended be done along with a full face fat transfer because I never wanted anyone to know about it, that I have lost close to 15 lbs. within a week and it looks like my face has lost the fat as most of the volume has disappeared already and my face is looking skinny just after 16 days. I was 110 and am now 95 lbs. Do you think the stem cells have already been absorbed because of all the stress of this facelift?

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Loss of facial volume will occur in any face, regardless of whether or not you've had facial fat grafting. Your weight loss should not have an affect on the viability of your procedure. Loss of 15 lbs in someone that weighs only 110 lbs is quite significant. If you gain your weight back, you should be fine.

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Weight Loss After Facial Fat Transfer

While one can argue that weight loss after fat grafting is never good for volume retention, one week after surgery is too early to judge the outcome of the procedure. A ten lb weight loss within one week after surgery seems unusual and would make anyone's face look thinner. But this doesn't mean the fat transfer has been unsuccessful...yet. Stem cells and some fat cella can be quite hardy. Try to gain those 10 lbs back and judge the final result three months after the procedure.

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15 Lb Weight Loss and Survival of Newly Grafted Tem Cells?

It is, of course, impossible to address this fully without being able to see you or, at least, pre and post op photos.  Even then it may not be possible to give a definitive answer.

In general, though, I doubt that a 15 pound weight loss in the first week after surgery (that alone is somewhat unusual - are you sure it isn't just fluid shifts?) would affect the long-term survival of the fat.  It takes a while for the fat to be incorporated into the body (ingrowth of blood vessels, etc) and only after that would generalized weight gains or losses be reflected in the newly transferred fat.  My guess, then, is that the fat is not being affected directly by your weight shift.

As always, you'll need to confirm all of this with your own plastic surgeon.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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