I Am 15 Days Post Op Can I Put Polysporn on my Areola Incisions?

I am 15 days post op and took my paper tape that surrounded my nipples off on day 13 and there was a few spots that bled. I put polysporn on because I thought it would help in the healing of the wounds also making the scars less visible in the long run. I was also told I could re tape with paper tape around the nipple like they were. I have heard from somewhere that it is NOT good to put polysporn on the areola post surgery? Also how long should you keep the incisons covered with the tape?

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Ask your surgeon for specific post-op questions

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Post operative wound care really needs to be very closely monitored by the surgeon who did the operation.  If I was your surgeon, I would want you to listen to my advice.  We all have slightly different approaches to wound care so you need to see your surgeon and ask these questions.

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