15 Days Post Op from Cornal Brow Lift-Now Have Asymmetrical Brows. Is This The Final Result? (photo)

For most of the last 15 days I've been healing from a cornal brow lift (only procedure)I've only noticed a small change in symmentry of my brows. Right eye looks like you would expect-it's beautiful, left eye looks like pre op eye.....-heavy and eyebrow not in line with other one. Not an issue pre op, eyebrows were symmentrical. I have movement of brows and in the last couple days noticed I can lift brows and actually have expression lines in forehead, paralysis doesn't seem to be the issue.

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15 Days Post Op from Cornal Brow Lift-Now Have Asymmetrical Brows. Is This The Final Result?

Difficult to say since there are no pre-op Brow Liftphotos with which to compare and we don't know if the Brow lift was an Endoscopic, Coronal, or a limited suspenmsion type Brow Lift.  The eyebrows do not raise up further during the pre-op phase however.

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Brow lift, asymmetry

You probably have some weakness in the muscle that lifts the left eyebrow. If that's the case you should have your preop symmetry back within a few months as the muscle regains its function. Best to be patient at this stage.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Brow Asymmetry

Generally, we recommend a few weeks of postoperative healing before making calls on whether a post op result is permanent.

However in you case, if you truly do not have any weakness of your forehead muscles/nerve, then I would not expect the left brow to elevate any further. It is possible that the right side may become more depressed with time, but that is unlikely as well.

I would discuss this with your surgeon sooner rather than later.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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PostOp brow Asymmetry Coronal brow lift

Although the photograph is not ideal, the left brow appears to be slightly lower than the right causing some hooding of the skin of the eye lid. If it is only two weeks post op it could be due to some swelling or some weakness of the forehead muscle. Your ability to  raise the brows is a good sign that the muscle is regaining strength. Give it  a few more weeks and see what happens.

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Reasons for brow asymmetry

The possible reasons for this asymmetry are:

  1. Was present pre-op but not noticed by you or your surgeon - take a close look at pre-op photos
  2. You have slight muscle weakness on that side
  3. You have more welling on the opposite (higher) side
  4. One side was inadvertently under-corrected


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