15 Days Post Op Breast Lift/ Tummy Tuck. Uneven Breasts? (photo)

I am 15 days post op and my breasts look odd. One is flat large nipple with skin puffy under breast and going to one side. The other nipple is puffy and small and looks like its dropping. Is it normal? Should I wear a better support bra? Will this fix over time? Also I have hardness around belly button and above the incision of the tummy tuck. One side is more swollen than other side of tummy tuck above incision. Is that normal? How can help the swelling to go down?

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15 Days Post Op Breast Lift/ Tummy Tuck. Uneven Breasts

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It looks like you have had a breast lift by the incisions that I see, but your nipples and areolae are still pointing downward, and there is rather marked asymmetry. Without seeing pre-op photos it is hard to know where you started, but I can see that this is not where you want to be. I can't see enough of the abdomen to comment on your question there. Swelling will go down as healing continues and inflammation resolves, pretty much on its own schedule. 

A visit to your surgeon and discussion of your issues is in order. Thanks, best wishes. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Allow 4-6 Weeks For Swelling To Resolve

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            It’s not unusual for patients to note breast asymmetry immediately following breast lift surgery.  This asymmetry can occur for a variety of reasons but is often related to swelling which takes time to resolve.  It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks for enough swelling to resolve to make aesthetic judgements possible.             Without pre-operative pictures and a physical examination it’s difficult to assess your current situation.  It’s therefore important to maintain contact with your plastic surgeon.  Your surgeon can rule out more serious problems and hopefully alleviate your anxiety.  During this time, it’s important to closely follow your surgeons’ recommendations.  When this approach is utilized most patients are ultimately happy with their surgical result.   

Post Operative Asymmetry

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Thank you for the question and your pictures. You are at a very early point in your healing right now. There is a significant amount of inflammation and scarring taking place in your breasts. I would recommend that you continue to closely follow up with your surgeon and communicate your concerns. Your questions are good ones, but pictures will never be as good for an evaluation of a patient as a detailed in-person examination.

Good luck.

15 Days Post Op Breast Lift/ Tummy Tuck. Uneven Breasts? (photo)

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15 days is really soon to tell, although your breasts look uneven they can change.

It is difficult to do consultants accurately online so make sure you keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon and follow up untill the problem is solved.

Hardness around the belly button and above the incision line is just part of the healing process, that should improve over time.

Uneven swelling is normal and that will subside in time.

Concerns about Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Results?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

You will do much better by running these questions/concerns by your plastic surgeon. He/she knows exactly what was done and can evaluate your results/progress clinically. Online consultants cannot do so accurately.

 Make sure you keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon;  ask for earlier follow-up if you have specific questions/concerns.

Best wishes.

15 Days Post Op Breast Lift/ Tummy Tuck. Uneven Breasts? (photo)

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Even with the poorly exposed posted photos it appears as you have some appearance and symmetry issues of the breasts. Best to obtain in person second opinions. 

Concern 2 weeks after surgery

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I understand your concerns. The extra skin is from the vertical type of breast lift/reduction. That skin is supposed to shrink up and get smoother over time. You have some asymmetry as well. There is nothing to do now. Stay in contact with your surgeon and follow his/her instructions. Discuss your concerns at your next visit. Hang in there.

Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck 15 Days Post OP

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You should see your plastic surgeon and ask him/her your questions and express your concerns.Getting advice from a plastic surgeon over the internet without the ability to have your records, preop photos, and being able to examine you is not wise. If after seeing your plastic surgeon who performed your surgery you are still concerned, get a second opinion from a well respected board certified plastic surgeon ( certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery). In general, you cannot judge your final result at 2 weeks post op.

George W. Weston, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon

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