Is 15 Days After Surgery Too Long to Wait for Suture Removal?

It has been 7 days since my surgery. I found out today that the last of my sutures won't be removed until the 15th day after surgery. I haven't seen the surgeon since 2 days after surgery (his office manager removed some of the sutures from my chin 2 days ago, his MA removed the sutures from my eyes today). The suture that won't be removed until the 15th day is in my chin and from a chin implant. I want to see another doctor because I'd rather have a physician doing this work, & do it on time.

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Hi there, for me I typically remove sutures between 7-10 days. But all surgeons are different. It also depends on many factors include the type, size and location of the sutures. In the end, 15 days likely wont make any difference at all, especially for someone who has a suture on their chin. 

I'd rest easy, however if you are very worried its always best to talk to a board certified or FRCSC certified surgeon or physician or a well trained nurse in person so they can look. 

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