I Am 14. Get I Get Four Composite Veneers? Would They Look Natural? How Much Would They Cost with Tooth Whitening? (photo)

I am a fourteen year old girl and i have suffered with confidence issues all of my life. My teeth are all healthy ,mainly straight and they look okay.However all of my friends have had braces and now there teeth look really good and I don't want to be the odd one out .I was thinking about getting four composite veneers ,one on each of my canine teeth as they are pointy and have gaps and one on each of my front middle teeth,mainly because i just want them to be bigger.

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Composite veneers

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I would recommend porcelain veneers . If the are done correctly, they can last you 10-15 years.  Or more. Have your parents save until they are done right. You may have to replace composite veneers every few years. Looking at your photos you may need 6. I would recommend bleaching first and than look at your smile. Alot of times a simple bleaching for about 150 will brighten your teeth enough and that's all you need.  You teeth and lip line are nice you may want to wait until your 18 to see how your facial form changes as an adult.  Because the esthetics will vary depending on your lip line and facial profile which will change as you get older. I would recommend waiting .  Good luck. 


Beverly Hills Dentist

Composite Veneers for a 14 Year-Old

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Rather than place veneers on your otherwise beautiful teeth, seek out a very well qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist, and see about some cosmetic recontouring of your teeth together with some bonding in certain areas. Fully covering your canines and centrals is "overkill", and will never look as nice as natural teeth or Porcelain Veneers, in the long run.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Composite veneers at 14

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You have a nice smile, harmonious with lips, framing your teeth. And you should feel confident in your smile! Composite veneers won`t look good if covering all the surface of a healthy tooth. Probably you can benefit from some teeth whitening and possible small bonding. You should get a consult with the dentist who specializes in aesthetic cases, so he can define what can be corrected. 

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