I Am 14 Weeks PO TT and Flank Lipo and I Have Saddlebags on Both Sides That Stick Out, Will These Go Away?

My upper Torso is very contoured and I have a definate hour glass shape but the bottom of the hour glass (saddlebag area) sticks out on both sides and are flabby. Am I still swollen or will they stay like this?

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"Saddlebags" Post Op Tummy Tuck and Lipo

It is not clear from your question whether you are referring to residual fullness of the flanks or of the outer thighs.  If you are referring to your flanks then maybe you are seeing "dog ears" or some bunching of the tissue at the ends of the tummy tuck incision.  This can often be addressed with extension of the incision and removal of the excess tissue.  If you are referring to the outer thighs then perhaps liposuction would be indicated.  Of course your best approach would be to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

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I Am 14 Weeks PO TT and Flank Lipo and I Have Saddlebags on Both Sides That Stick Out, Will These Go Away?

Dear Scooterboot,

Thank you for your question. From your title, it seems like you did not have liposuction to the outer thigh or saddlebag area.  The flanks are considered on the sides of the belly, not the thighs.  If you did not have outer thight/saddle bag lipo, then this area will not change.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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PO TT and Flank Lipo and I Have Saddlebags on Both Sides

Thank you for your question. Photos, preferably from before an after surgery would make it possible to give a more specific answer to address the issue. 

At 14 weeks, much of the swelling should be resolved in most patients. There still may be some change to come, but without photos it is hard to tell. 

If part of the flank problem was excess skin, that would not be addressed as effectively as the tummy tuck part of the procedure where both skin and fat were removed. Again, without photos, it is  hard to be specific. 

Your best resource for this question is your surgeon. All the best. 

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"Saddlebags" after tummy tuck

Thanks for your question. At 14 weeks, most likely most of the swelling and edema from your surgery has resolved. What is not uncommon is that now that your waist and abdomen have been improved so much, your eye is drawn to your outer hips, which you did not notice so much before. This can be easily checked by comparing your new pictures with your pre-op pictures. Fortunately, this can usually be easily remedied with liposuction alone. Good luck and congratulations, sound like you have a very nice result from your recent procedure!

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