14 Months Postop, Breathing Problems & Swelling. I Chose a Very High Quality Surgeon, I Am Not Worried About a Bad Nose Job?

Still can't breath properly out of my right nostril. However, when i massage the tip(which is still firm) or the right side of my nose, I can temporarily breathe better out of the right nostril. left nostril is totally fine. I also get some swelling in the morning when I'm in bed, when I excersise & when I get out of the shower. I have medium thickness skin. The shape of the nose isnt great, my columella's too low. Does any of this info indicate that my nose is still swollen/scar tissue?thanks!

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Nasal congesion after rhinoplasty

The fact that your symptom of nasal congestion is intermittent or fluctuates indicates that it is not a fixed anatomic obstruction but rather due to swelling.  You certainly are still healing. Generally healing takes a year.   As your nasal tip heals it will soften and feel more like a natural nasal tip. If your symptoms persist you may have  a combination of membrane congestion or an anatomic obstruction such as a residual deviation of the nasal septum.

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