I Am 14 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty. My Nose is Still Very Swollen and Super Cold to the Touch. Will This Ever Go Away?

When the nose swells more it includes throbbing, especially with caffeine. I have tried cayenne pepper supplements (help a bit) and over the last 3 weeks have used nitrobid paste. This helped bring back slight amount of blood flow or warmth. I fear my nose will never stop hurting and will remain ugly from the swelling. Any suggestions? Will having some of the grafting removed due to my nose looking like a wide potato from the front jeopordize the lack of blood flow more? Please help.

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14 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty

Pictures would help to visualize the concerns that you have. Certainly at 14 months most of the swelling should have subsided, but it is not uncommon to have residual swelling at that time if youu have thick skin.

From you rdescription I am not sure if it is all swelling or grafting that is really the problem. That is why pictures would help.

Removing the grafts should not jeopordize the blood flow, as the blood flow is dependent on the skin envelope, and not the cartilage underneath.


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