Lumps Under Eyes from Evolence, Do these Need to be Surgically Removed? Other Options? (photo)

I went to see a cosmetic surgeon about 3 to 4 years ago to get Botox. He suggested that I get Evolence injections under my eyes. My right eye has terrible large lumps that have been there ever since. I am so upset. I went to another doctor & he said that I would need to have the lumps surgically removed. Is this correct? I heard of a product called Wydase. Can this dissolve these Evolence lumps?Please help... I really want to get these lumps removed, Please help... :(

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Evolence bumps

The good news is that the collagen will go away over time. If you wanted them to go away sooner, then surgical removal is an option (with a bleph possibly) vs addition of filler around the area to blend the bumps in so they are not so noticable.

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