I Am 13 Years Old Should I Get a Laser Skin Resurfacing Job for my Extreme Genetic Puffy Eyes?

I have tried everything and nothing works so I am considering getting this should I. Please respond?

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13 year old complaints of puffy eyes

First, please try to get some sleep as adolescents are notorious for shorting themselves on rest!  Second, puffiness in the eyelids can be symptomatic of allergies or sinus problems so it might be wise to see an ENT or allergist in consultation.  You are certainly too young for laser, fillers, etc. and this should not be contemplated.

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Puffy eyes in a 13 year old

Most definitely you should not have a laser of your eyelids. You are too young and your tissues not yet mature. You would expose yourself to possible injury or even more sun exposure. The latter would cause even more wrinkles later in life. This is a bad idea. Try to think of your life in the long run and not just for this moment in time. You don't want to regret something in the future that you did at 13 years old.

Seeing someone about a good non-irritating skin care program may help.

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