Can my 13 year old daughter get a breast reduction?

I realize reductions cost quite a bit. My daughter is 13 and a size G breast.She has back pain and refuses to play sports due to the size of her breast. Is there any Pro bono help we can seek in area so I can maybe look into her having a reduction. I was laid off and we are both uninsured but it hurts me to see her so insecure, uncomfortable and in pain due to her size.

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Has she stopped growing

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The breast is made up of fat and breast tissue. If she is over weight than weight loss will shrink the breast. If surgery is done and the breast is still growing then she may require a second surgery. Rarely there is a condition called gigantomastia. If this is the case, she may require multiple surgeries. She needs to evaluated by her pediatrician to check for hormonal abnormalities. If her work up is normal than this may be covered by Medicaid and I would look into getting her medicaid insurance coverage.

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A few possibilities

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Dear Linda, I am sorry to hear about your daughter's (and your) situation. Havinig 2 daughters none of us want to see our kids suffer in any way. Thirteen is young for a breast reduction. Not knowing her height and weight also complicates the answer. If she is stable for about 6 months and doesn't have much drroping, she might and I say might be a candidate for liposuction breast reduction to reduce volume and weight. I would try some of the residency training programs like at UT Southwestern as a clinic patient. Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton.

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