13 Months PO - tip fullness/retraction (Photo)

13 months PO to correct hooked (Roman) nose - closed op. Now, there seems to be fullness in the tip area and my nostrils are permanently flared into an almost snarl. Dr states that he did not touch the tip but may have scarred upwards. It is worth stating that I had arched nostrils before however since the op they appear a lot more prominent. There is also a V shape when looking down on the nose from the front between the tip and the top of the nostril arch. Is this something that can be corrected?

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Nasal Tip Fullness and Retraction

You have fullness above your tip, poor definition of your tip, a hanging columella, and nostril rim retraction. all of these problems can be improved , hopefully eliminated, with a revision procedure.

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Unhappy with nose

Your appear to have a little supratip fullness and I am not sure why.   It would be nice to see your pre op photos.  I suggest you have 3 consultation with  board certified plastic surgeons or ENT surgeons regarding all your concerns.  When you go for evaluation have your pre op and post op photos and your operative note with you.  Your doctor MUST supply these to you.   These are your records and your doctor is simply a custodian of your records.   My Best to you and good luck,  Dr C

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