I am 13 days post op TT/BL/Aug and I am concerned about red, puffy, swollen incinsion.

Because my tummy incision is red, puffy and swollen around incision on the right side and I also have an area six inches below my incision upper thigh/lower button that is red and warm and itchy (where there was no surgery.) I saw my surgeon today and he said he didn't like the way it looks and prescribed Azithromycin pack for 5 days. He asked to see me again in 3 days. Will this affect how well my incision heals? He took of the steri-strips. Would anyone have any other suggestions?

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Swelling and redness after surgery

Swelling, redness and pain typical signs of infection. These are typically treated with antibiotics which your surgeon has prescribed. It is important to see him again in a few days once the effects of antibiotics has started. Without photographs and/orseeing you in person it is difficult to comment upon whether it may affect the result. At this time it is important to take your antibiotics and follow along with your surgeon. Usually as infections resolve the results are not adversely affected.

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Look for changes

Photos of the red areas would be helpful. However, from your description, it sound as though you do have an infection, possibly a type of infection called cellulitis. The most important question is whether the areas of redness and swelling are getting better or worse. If those areas are worse after one or especially after 2 days of antibiotics, you should call your surgeon immediately and insist on being seen as soon as possible because it is likely the antibiotics are not working either because the bacteria are resistant to the azithromycin or because you have an abscess type infection.

John J. Bandeian, MD
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Tummy tuck infection

It sounds like you may have an infection, and it looks like your surgeon is on top of it. It will probably not affect your eventual scar, unless further surgery is needed. Stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

Johan E. Brahme, MD
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Infection after tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation

Your tummy tuck incision is likely infected.
See your surgeon as scheduled. Follow his/her instructions for your wound care.
It is impossible to predict the effect on your incisions until the infection is gone and you are fully healed.
Infection can spread to your implants. Be sure to take the antibiotics to minimize this risk. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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