Is It Possible That 13 Days After a Combination Active/deep Fraxel, Wrinkles May Be More Visable While Skin is in Transformation

Could a Deep Fraxel Destroy Collegen in the Dermis Before New Collegen is Formed, Causing Wrinkles to Be More Visable? My Doctor was qualified, instructions were followed.

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Active Fx or Fraxel and facial lines

You mentioned Active FX Fraxel but fractional Active FX is not Fraxel brand of Fractional laser resurfacing.  I have much experience in Fraxel but not in Active FX.  Regardless, 11 days or two weeks, is too short a healing period to be conderned with your results.  It takes time to see new results.  See your physician to evaluate what is going on with our skin as you obviously have a concern and the right topical regimen should be followed, including moisturizer and sunscreen.

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CO2 laser

Appearance of wrinkles following fractionated CO2 laser / Fraxel Re:pair would be extremely unusual. At 13 days people are generally still significantly swollen and as a matter of fact that swelling gives the impression that wrinkles have improved more dramatically than they actually have. With that said, it should be noted that full results from fractional CO2 laser resurfacing do not appear until after about 6 months to a year. Trhis is the time frame that the skin takes to remodel itself to create new skin/new collagen. Therefore, I generally recommend to my patients to wait six months to a year to judge their final outcome. THere are individuals that can benefit from a second session at that point. It is also important to note that upkeep of your results is important in terms of using the right rejuvenation protocol and upkeep with preventative measures such as Botox injections that reduce the formation of static lines in time.

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Recovery from Total FX

Skin may remain edematous (swollen) for several weeks after this treatment. In some areas, wrinkles may seem more prominent because overlying sun damage has been removed, "unmasking" the wrinkles. In other areas, such as thin lower eyelid skin, the swelling and dryness  may temporarily exacerbate some fine lines. It's usually helpful to express your concerns to your doctor, moisturize, and keep your follow up appointments for best results. Remember- your results depend not only on the actual laser  procedure but on your skin care over the next few months and beyond.

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