Cost of Braces and Time Taken

i am twelve years old,i have gaps between my tooth and an open bite.what might be the cost of my braces and how many years will it take.

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Costs and treatment time depend on many factors.

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Only a thorough examination can help determine your estimated treatment time and cost. Internet consultations don't count...sorry! The bite description you gave can mean diffferent things to different people. For example, how big are the spaces and how open is the bite? So seeing you live and in person and looking at other factors that you may not have considered are important for an accurate evaluation.

It could be so minor that it is a quick one year or less using something as simple as a retainer or it could be a complex case involving full braces for two or three years and maybe even jaw surgery. We can't know without seeing you. The good thing going for you is your age. Twelve year old is a great age to start braces, especially in open bite cases as you should have all (or almost all) of your adult teeth in, and yet you are still growing. So the growth can often be modified to help control and close the openbite.

Your dentist can refer you to a good orthodontist. I hope this helps!

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Treatment time and fees depend on severity of case and geography

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Fees in the "big city" will differ from fee in "the countryside", and length of time depends on how bad of a situation the case starts at. Some cases are simple and take 6 months, and other cases take 2-3 years to complete and would cost much more than the simple case.

The best thing to do is get a live consultation and see what can be done.

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