How Long Until I DOn't Have The Risk Of Popping The Stitches On my Stomach Muscles?

I know it's probably unlikely but after my Board Certified plastic surgeon said "I was a very complicated case", "I was concerned if I pulled the very weak muscles any tighter, the stitches would fail", "you didn't have a typical tummy tuck, it was more like an abdominal wall reconstruction". At this point everything has healed like it's supposed too and I have'nt heard a pop or felt any pain. I still have loads of swelling in the evenings. I also had full time help (11 hours/day) for 10 wks.

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Stitches after surgery

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You should follow your plastic surgeon's recomendations since he or she knows what was encountered and done during the surgery.  Most cases are well healed at 10 weeks but there are exceptions.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Failure Unlikely...

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As it sounds like you had a significant spread and are still swelling, I would not stress the repair. Wait until all swelling and tenderness is gone before you do much with your abdominals. However, at three months post-op the healing should be well on its way. As always, discuss with your surgeon.

Concerns about muscle repair 10 weeks after a tummy tuck

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The best place to get an individualized answer to your question is from your plastic surgeon as he/she operated on you, knows your anatomy and performed the muscle repair. Generally, my patients are instructed to wait at least 8 weeks following their surgery before engaging in activities that will stress the muscle repair (though this period can be longer in some specific patients). Unless there was something extremely unusual in your situation,

Exercise after tummy tuck should be fine at 10 weeks.

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Your recovery is at least 10 weeks along now, and although scar tissue has not fully matured, swelling has not completely resolved, and sensation has not recovered maximally, your muscle repair is sound, and exercise is allowed. I always tell my patients to start slowly, and increase intensity and duration gradually, as anyone, not just tummy tuck patients, can strain, pull, or tear a muscle!

That being said, your surgeon has all but told you that your abdominal wall was a bit more problematic that the "typical" patient's, and perhaps this is just to let you know how "good a surgeon" he is since he "got the job done" in spite of your "complicated case" and "very weak muscles." Perhaps this is a very real and appropriate caution to take things slow and easy. Ask your surgeon for his recommendations, and follow them!

Otherwise, it should be safe to start to tone and build the strength of your abdominal musculature; just do so carefully! Best wishes!

Tummy tuck muscle repair can it pop

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The best advice anyone could give you is to ask the surgeon who performed your operation.  You may need to see your surgeon for a follow up so that question can be answered to the best of their ability. 

Louise Ferland, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Activity after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question.

Each patient is different but generally at  3 month post op recovery, you should be fine to ease into all activities BUT my best recommendation is to check with your surgeon for the best advice.

Best Wishes!

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