12 Weeks After Implant Replacement I'm Still Unable to Lift my Arm

It has been 12 weeks since I've had my implants replaced(200cc to 175cc). I am still in pain when lying on either side or tying to support my weight with my arms. I am no longer able to fully lift my right arm (intense burn & feels as if muscle will rip under arm). Surgeon who performed revision said he had never seen this happen and has stoped providing direction as to what I can do to. I assume removal of the implant will help. Any feedback on this condition would be greatly appreciated.

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Pain after implants prolonged

At 12 weeks out form breast augmentation you should not be having these symptoms.  I would have it checked out again to hopefully determine what is going on.  Good luck.

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12 Weeks After Implant Replacement I'm Still Unable to Lift my Arm

This definately is not normal.  You did not say if your surgeon move the implants to a different pocket or not.  I would get a copy of the operative report and consult with another doctor for a second opinion if your surgeon is not providing you with help.

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Pain after breast implant replacement

Severe pain and limitations in motion at 12 weeks after breast augmentation surgery is not expected. Moreover, the recovery from breast implant replacement surgery is usually much less intense than for primary breast augmentation. Most patients are well in a week, and I would expect that in someone who has had 200cc breast implants removed and replaced with 175cc breast implants to be well in a week. 

Since I have never seen you, I can't provide direct advice other than to say you need to see your surgeon. They have the most knowledge of your surgery. If that is not working out, you need to see a qualified board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Perhaps you have strained a muscle, as this can take months to heal, but you need to get checked out as your pain is out of proportion to your surgery.

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