I Am 12 Days Post Op and Have a Group of Lumps Ranging from Golf Ball to Marble Size What is It?

i had full tummy tuck with muscle tightening and lipo to the hips 12 days ago, i am healing well and feel good except i have a group of lumps to the right hand side of my navel, they arnt painfull unless i press them slightly, what is this?? could it be popped muscles or something else? is this because ive perhaps over done it and not rested enough??

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Lumps after a Tummy Tuck

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It doesn't sound like you have popped your muscle repair sutures, but golf ball size lumps are unusual after a tummy tuck.   I would recommend that you go visit your plastic surgeon to examine these areas.    


Generally speaking, if you are questioning whether you have over done it, it is probable that you are.   Try to take it easy at 12 days and give your body a chance to heal to its fullest potential.   You will be glad you did down the road.


Dr. Gill

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Lumps 12 Days Post-Op

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It sounds like these lumps are pockets of swelling, likely from you being overly active. These lumps will usually go away on their own and a lot quicker with constant pressure, such as a compression garment, and rest.

Abdominal Lumps After Abdominoplasty

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While minor tissue rregularities are not uncommon in the early post-operative period, these lumps should be shown to your surgeon for better understanding of their cause.  Your surgeon can decide whether aspiration, massage or just time to heal is needed.


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Having some lumps after surgery can be scar tissue, without an exam it is hard to be exact we cannot diagnose you. You can get deep tissue message to help break down the scar tissue. You should talk to your PS to see what recommendations he/she has for you. Each practice is different.


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"Lumps” after Tummy Tuck?

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Your description is not consistent with separation of the muscle “repair”. I would suggest that you follow up with your plastic surgeon ( earlier than scheduled if necessary) for direct examination. This examination will allow for precise diagnosis and treatment advice.

Best wishes.

Lumps after tummy tuck

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The best thing to do is call your surgeons office and go for a check up right away.  It's not possible to be sure of the problem from your description.  Good luck.

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