12 days after Sculptra treatment and have a lump, what should I do?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra in temples 12 days ago. I massaged religiously. The only bruising was from one injection site and it was initially a bit red and raised . I thought it would resolve. It is still there, yet totally under the skin and now bigger (half the size of a pea) Could it be a Sculptra lump? Any suggestions as to what I might do. I wanted to wait a few more days before calling my dermatologist. I am a bit worried.

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Lumps after Sculptra

If there is a lump after injection you should return to your treated physician since there might be a small infection at the site.  Always seek a board certified dermatologist especially with cosmetic injections.

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12 days after Sculptra treatment and have a lump, what should I do?

If the lump is still there twelve days after the injections it is best to see your doctor to ensure it is not an infection. 

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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After 12 days there shouldn't be any lumps after Sculptra

If the lump was a bruise, it would not be there after 12 days. The concern is either infection or granuloma. Either way, you need to see you doctor. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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