How much is the cost approximately?

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Cost of Orbera balloon in Houston, Texas

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There is variation to the cost, between 8000-13000. The higher prices are usually for procedures performed in hospitals. When the procedure is performed in independent endoscopic centers or ambulatory surgical centers, the cost is less. It is important to note that, in these cases, the higher costs do not mean better or more effective procedures. The cost includes placement and removal of the balloon, anesthesia and cost of endosocopy center fees and a year-long nutritional support. If a patient wanting the balloon has never had an upper endoscopy, it is recommended to do one first, which is separate from the balloon-procedure. We offer the cost at $7500. I hope this answer helps you

Cost of Orberra Intragastric Balloon

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I have seen prices quoted from as low as $7999 to as high as $13999.  The cost varies based on many factors.  Things that will result in higher costs include everything from the procedures being performed in a university hospital rather than in an outpatient setting to a practitioner setting a higher price because a lack of local competition allows them to do so without hurting demand.   I would recommend that as much as price being a deciding factor, you should make sure that whoever you choose makes you feel comfortable and that they offers an integrative and comprehensive program with a supportive nutritionist for your recommended monthly follow ups during the six months the balloon is in your stomach and the six months immediately after it is removed.  Hope that answers your question. :)

Daniel J. Rosen, MD
New York Bariatric Surgeon
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Gastric Balloon Price

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Every institution is different but expect to pay around 8,000 dollars. In most cases the price includes the balloon, placement, removal and 6 months of follow up.  Currently insurance companies don't pay for the procedure.

I have a post on my website that will give you more info.

Angel Caban, MD
Ocala General Surgeon


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I perform the procedure in my office which has a large procedure room and recovery area. I charge $5995.00 for the procedure. This includes the anesthesia, the cost of the balloon itself, the insertion and removal of the balloon, and the follow up visits. I do not perform these at the hospital because this would significantly increase the cost.

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Darrien Gaston, MD, FACP, FACG
Chicago Gastroenterologist

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