11 Yr Old Silicone Implants, Can the Size Decrease Without a Leak?

I have 11 year old silicone implants (under muscle). For the past 2 years i noticed their size is much smaller but they still look symmetrical and they feel even softer than before. I felt a few burns and tingling last year but it stopped. I've had a mammogram who showed the implants were intact and my surgeon assured all is fine and it might be in my head because of my weight fluctuation (+8kgs then -5kgs). But bras don't lie! Should I change the implants? I want to keep it as a last option..

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Long term volume loss with silicone implants.

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     After a decade, intact silicone implants do not lose volume. You are probably experiencing slow breast tissue volume loss which is commonly associated with age.  Small weight gains and losses are not a big factor in breast volume changes. 

      There is also the possibility that the capsule(s) around the implant(s) have ruptured, creating a softer "feel' with your implants. Actual rupture of the implant can be detected with an MRI (which can be expensive), if you do not plan on replacement with larger implants. 

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Breasts Smaller; Breast Implant Leaking?

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Thank you for the question.

Your breasts may have decreased in size  as you have aged or if you have lost weight.  In other words, a breast implant leakage is not necessary to explain the decrease in breast size.

For your own peace of mind, an MRI study may be necessary to definitively rule out breast implant leakage. This  imaging may be your best recourse given that you wish to keep further surgery as the “last recourse”.

 Best wishes.

Yes, size of breasts can decrease without breast implant leak

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Thank you for the question.  A silicone implant rupture/leak would actually not result in a decrease in breast size since the silicone is not absorbed.  A decrease in breast size and an increase in breast softness is also more indicative of some other process other than an implant rupture.  The two best ways to prove that you have an implant rupture: 1) surgery 2) MRI.   If you are happy with your breasts at this time you may want to get an MRI to make sure and if intact you will have peace of mind.  Otherwise you could always choose to have the implants exchanged for the size that you want and this would address the issue/question as well.

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Can the Size Decrease Without a Leak

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The implant size can't decrease without a leak, but the breast size can and does. 3 kg of net weight gain should not in and of itself cause a loss of breast volume.

If the current size is unsatisfactory, larger implants would be the solution for you.

Thank you for your question, all the best. 

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Volume Loss of Silicone Implants over Time

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      Implants of any size thin breast tissue over time, and I would think that may be the reason you have noticed such a decrease in volume.

Silicone implants and size change

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Silicone implants do not change size but can leak and change the shape of the breast. If you have had weight loss, this can affect overall breast volume.  Best to see your doctor for an evaluation.

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