Pain 11 Weeks Post- Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo and Muscle Repair

I ams till in excruciating pain in my abdomen,flank and back area where lipo has been performed. It feelslike thousands of needles are poking me all over my stomach and back. I have been taking Vicadin for weeks now for the pain. As soon as I stop taking the med, I'm bed ridden due to the pain. Is this normal? I hear everyone feeling better within a few weeks and here I am missing work and in pain. Thank you

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Tummy tuck

It is not uncommon to still have some discomfort after an abdmonoplasty. This is usually related to the tightness in the abdominal wall

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Considerable pain 11 weeks following a tummy tuck and liposuction

Sorry to hear that your postoperative course from your tummy tuck and liposuction has been very painful and unpleasant. Most patients are uncomfortable to some extent for several days to a week, some longer. You should contact your plastic surgeon regarding your discomfort and have them reassess your situation to determine if anything else is going on that needs to be addressed. You should also consider seeking a second opinion from a reputable board certified plastic surgeon to obtain another perspective of your issues.

Good luck!

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11 weeks of pain after a tummy tuck is not normal

I am sorry that you are having such a rocky post operative course.

Eleven weeks of pain after a tummy tuck and lipo is not normal.  A tummy tuck is unfortunately a uncomfortable procedure, but it is rare that my patients are on narcotics after 2-3 weeks.

I would speak with your surgeon, as I am sure you have been doing.  I would also recommend starting a routine dose fo an antiinflammatory such as ibuprofen.   Talk with you surgeon about how much you can take.   It may also be worthwhile to take a short dose of oral steroids to calm down the inflammation.

Best of luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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