I Have 11 Weeks Post of my Breast Augmentation. Why my Left Seem Fuller and Bigger Than my Right? They Still Seem Saggy? (photo)

I have 375 cc, silicone moderate plus under the muscle.

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Breast Augmentation Concerns

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Based on your photos provided, your pre surgical photos show the left breast is approximately 2-3 ounces larger than your right breast. Unless your surgeon placed a larger implant in your right breast you cant expect to see them as having the same volume. You should discuss this difference with your surgeon. Placing sizers at the time of surgery can help the surgeon to decide what is the optimal size for that side. However, the surgeon must have different implant sizes available in order to make such adjustments at the time of surgery. 


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Unfortunately, without a complete history and physical exam and through pre operative photography there is not enough information to make an informed plan, please consult your surgeon or another local board certified plastic surgeon

Larger breast implant looks higher and fuller

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Thank you for your question and photographs. From the photograph the inframammary crease looks higher on the larger side. If the higher larger breast feels firm or hard or than the right side your problem may be a capsular contracture. If the larger higher breast feels perfectly soft then the implant pocket may not have been dissected as large and as low as that on the normal looking side.

By all means discuss this with your plastic surgeon. If the implant is soft and movable then a simple revision to drop the implant slightly is possible.A capsule will require a more substantial revision.

Breast appearance

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Asymmetry before surgery will also show up after surgery if different implants are not placed. As for position you have very natural looking breast augmentations. The reality to have it look like how they are in a bra is not natural.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Post breast augmentation sagging and asymmetry

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First, let me say that you appear to have a very nice, natural result from your breast augmentation.  Let's address your concern about asymmetry first.  The pre-operative photos demonstrate that your left breast is slightly larger and saggier (note the nipple is lower) than the right.  If the augmentation is done with the same implants on each side, and no lift is done, the same, minor, asymmetry will persist after surgery.

Second, with your implants filling out the skin envelope of the breast more, some of the sagging has been corrected.  It looks as if you would have failed the "pencil test" before surgery and now will pass.  In other words, the sagging is now minimal.  If it still bothers you, a lift would be in order for correction. 


Thanks for the photos.  I

Saggy and asymmetrical after breast augmentation!

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Lola, without breast lift your pre-op natural teardrop shape is simply "filled up" to the degree (implant size) chosen, and your photos clearly show what I and many others have said here frequently--implants do NOT "lift" saggy breasts, they simply add volume to the shape you bring to the party!

Thanks for including a pre-op photo; it shows that your left breast was slightly larger and more saggy than it's sister on the opposite side. Identical implants would preserve (but diminish) this asymmetry, and you have not completely dropped at 11 weeks post-op.

For now, your appearance is exactly what I would expect given your anatomy and implant choice. I would recommend wearing an elastic bandeau above your left breast and below the right, or wear a bra with the strap tighter on the right and looser on the left (ask your surgeon). Once 6 months or more has gone by, you can decide if you really want the cost and time off for another operation to put larger implants of slightly different volumes in each side.

I would not recommend the scars and cost of a breast lift at this time--your breasts look too good, and this cannot be "taken back" but can always be done in the future. Be patient with yourself; you look great clothed and not. Every woman has asymmetry, but if this persists and bothers you, re-operation can improve this! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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