Hit my Nose 11 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

Hello. It's been 11 weeks since my surgery and I hadn't hit it seriously until today. My friend accidently hit my nose and it felt really bad and started to ache. my doctor is out of town so I couldnt go see him immediately but i called him and he said that if there is no blood then there is no harm most probably but i am so concerned because the hit was pretty serious. Thanks for helping.

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Hit nose after Rhinoplasty

  My rule for my Rhinoplasty patients is simple.  If within the first 2 months, you hit your nose hard enough to cause pain that's significant, you have created an injury to your nose.  Even if the nose didin't bleed, cartilage inside could have been partially torn and you should be seen by your surgeon as soon as possible.  If the breathing through your nose decreases or you see a pink mass inside your nostril without looking deep inside, your should be seen.  Ask your surgeon if you can apply ice to decrease any swelling and take Arnica 12 C to limit bruising...but only follow his advice.

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