11 Months Post Open African American Rhinoplasty - Steroid Injections? (photo)

I am very happy with the shape of my nose, however just above the tip is still a little buffy. The reason I'm confident of this is because when I tape my nose at night...which I still do periodically, my nose looks amazing in the morning, defined tip and all. Then, about hour later, the "puffiness" is back. SO I would like to have steroid injections to get that last bit of swelling out. Unfortunately my surgeons are on the opposite end of the state. Is it likely a PS up here will do it for me?

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Rhinoplasty and steroids

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I am not a big fan of steroid injections for swelling because in general the steroids are temporary and second they can cause tissue atophy and hypopigmentation.

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11 months post-op African American rhinoplasty - steroid injections?

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Hello, and glad to hear you are happy with your nose. From what it sounds like, you have some residual swelling that may benefit from treatment with steroid. The "puffiness" you describe is due to the swelling. Kenalog mixed with 5-Flourouracil is an effective way to treat residual swelling. Keep in mind there are potential risks associated that may include the following:

1) White spots

2) Indentation

It would be ideal for your surgeon to perform the injections. However, you can obtain a local referral from your surgeon if necessary. I hope this helps, and best of luck to you.

Puffy tip after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for asking about the puffiness of your nasal tip after rhinoplasty.

  1. Puffiness continues to improve for 18 months after rhinoplasty.
  2. A very weak steroid injection may help.
  3. See a Board Certified Plastic surgeon near you - you do not have to return to your original surgeon but
  4. Call your original rhinoplasty surgeon first for his/her thoughts.
  5. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Minor post-rhinoplasty swelling

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Using a small amount of dilute steroid deep to the skin can help with mild but persistent swelling present in the supratip region.  A plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasties should be able to assist you though your original plastic surgeon is the ideal person to do the procedure. 

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11 Months Post Open African American Rhinoplasty - Steroid Injections?

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     Steroid injections can reduce that swelling, but they can have complications such as thinning and pigmentation changes.  I would continue to wait for the final result.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Steroid Injections for Post-op Swelling

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Thank you for the great question. Small injections of a dilute steroid can be very helpful to get rid of the last little bit of swelling that hangs on after rhinoplasty. These are done in the office and may be repeated about every 6 weeks as needed.  In addition to taping and shots, massage to the area can also be helpful. Please check in with your surgeon before initiating this. Best of luck!

11 Months Post Open African American Rhinoplasty - Steroid Injections?

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Onl;y way is to set up an IN PERSON evaluation with the local PS. But always best to travel back to the original surgeon. 

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