11 Days Post Op from Hematoma Removal- Worried I Have Capsular Contracture.

Orig implants 1-27-11,Capsulectomy R side 10-14,bleeding stopped via surgery 10-17,random hematoma 200ccs of blood/fluid removed 12-21,Staph R infection currently being fought w/Cirpro.I am 11 days post op 1-1-12:I look swollen & as tight as I was post op from my original surgery.Never happened like this in other 2 surgeries-was soft & "dropped" immediately thereafter.Why am I still so high and tight?Is this contracture again or just remenents of infection?I KNOW I've looked better post op!

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Inflammation and capsular contracture.

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Unfortunately, only time will tell if you develop a contracture. Having had a hematoma and an infection certainly increases your risk. It can be difficult to differentiate swelling and inflammation early on from the onset of contracture, but inflammation will subside over the ensuing weeks while contracture will worsen. Close follow up with your plastic surgeon is recommended.

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Breast infection after implants

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Once complications start risks can seem to compound, and the hematoma is bad enough. The staph infection can be very hard to clear with the antibiotics as the bacteria have a better chance against the medication and your own system with the implant in place. A capsular contacture would not be unusual, but the infection now is the biggest worry.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd.com

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Capsular contracture?

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It is a bit early to worry that you are developing a capsular contracture, although you are at higher risk being that you had a hematoma and now a staph infection.

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11 Days Post Op from Hematoma Removal- Worried I Have Capsular Contracture.

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Sorry for your turbulent postoperative events. Yes, you are at a higher risk for capsular fibrosis. Try external ultra sound therapy now. Best of luck. 

Complications after Breast Implant Scar Removal

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Unfortunately, your condition is challenging and uncommon. Per your history, you had
-Breast Augmentation 1-27-11 (? first or third "Never happened like this in other 2 surgeries" )complicated by scarring around Right implant
- underwent scar removal (Capsulectomy) with ? implant exchange  R side 10-14/2011
- Complication 1- postoperative bleeding requiring surgery 10-17/2011
-  Complication 2 - continued bleeding requiring 200cc  hematoma removal (?in OR ) on 12-21/2011
- Complication 3 - Staph infection currently being fought w/Cirpro. It is quite hard to be able to sterilize an implant once it is infected by using oral antibiotics. (The safest way to proceed to remove the implant, thoroughly wash the pocket, treat the woman with a course of germ-specific antibiotics and return back in 6 months with a re-augmentation into now a clean sterile pocket)

After undergoing several procedures in such a short time, it would be presumptous to attempt to diagnose you over the internet. Eleven days is a short time to reach a conclusion and capsular contractions take longer than 2 weeks to reform. This being said, having had a capsular contracture on the right GREATLY elevates your risks for it coming back again even if you did NOT have 2 bleeding episodes, 2 drainage procedures and a documented infection. These complications FURTHER elevate the risk of scar recurrence.

In my opinion, you need to sit down with your surgeon and discuss when you should consider implant removal with a planned augmentation in 6 months. You may also consult a second opinion from another respected Plastic surgeon in your area and can ask your surgeon to recommend a surgeon he would refer his wife to.

I realize this is a very hard decision. But, in your interest, you deserve to know all your options.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Breast Augmentation Complications?

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I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced with your breast augmentation surgery. Your situation is somewhat complex given that you have experienced a hematoma, infection, and encapsulation. I certainly do not feel comfortable speculating as to exactly what is going on 11 days after surgery.

it would be in your best interest to continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for direct examination and guidance.

Best wishes.

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