11 Days After Surgery my Breasts Have a Big Size Difference

I am 11 days postop -360cc Natrelle Anatomic Cogels inserted under the muscle w/scar revision done over the left breast. I have been wearing the strap since day 5. No visible breast asymmetry before the augmentation. Post op drains were inserted for 5 days. The left breast is significantly smaller than the right. It is not as full and smaller than the right. I am concerned that something is not healing correctly or surgeon error. Is too soon to tell or is this a normal part of healing?

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Breast Assymetry after Augmentation.

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Go visit your doctor.  Need your pre op pictures and a little history.  The left breast appears higher but cant tell size difference.   Part of you doctors job is to see and advise you.  This is a hard one to diagnose without more info.  You are very early.  Quit worriyng and go visit your doctor.  That is a part of the fee.  Good Luck.

Breast augmentation

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It's hard to comment without seeing your before photos. But it's still early so I would recommend being patient with them and see if they drop evenly. They don't seem too uneven to me now but just very high and with time they could come down significantly.

David E. Kim, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast size difference after breast augmentation

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Every man and woman has breast asymetry or differences in size and shape from one side of the body compared to the other. As plastic surgeons, we try to correct this in breast augmentation with different sized implants, or in some cases different operations. I did not see your before pictures.  In 70% of women the left breast is larger than the right.. There are also diferrences in the rib cage with generally more projection on the left side. I agree with you that the right side is bigger. Remember that the final result takes about 3 months to see and you may just have swelling. The safe thing to do is to visit with you plastic surgeon again and make sure that you do not have a fluid collection or small hematoma making the right side bigger.

Good Luck,

Leo Lapuerta MD

Triple Board Recertified Plastic Surgeon

Leo Lapuerta, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Everyone has it.......Breast Asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry is the norm. You can look at any ones breasts and they will look slightly different.  Interestingly enough most woman don't recognize this until someone points it out to them or they undergo a breast augmentation and they are fixated on their breasts early on. In your case you are correct it does appear that your left breast is slightly smaller. However as the swelling decreases your breasts will be increasingly similar. Additionally your implants are riding slightly high and as they drop this will also help, so keep wearing that band. I know its hard but try to be patient, and more than likely any asymmetries will be equalized. Hope this helps.

Ritu Chopra, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry Soon After Augmentation is Common

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More often than not, women notice some differences between the breasts in the early days and weeks after breast augmentation.

The good news is that this is usually due to the differences in swelling, healing, and "settling" of the implants.  With patience and sometimes special massage techniques, the asymmetry goes away or is minimized.(Remember: no one is perfectly symmetric before or after surgery!)

Your photos are helpful: it seems you likely have some of the differences of healing that should resolve with time. Of course, it is best to review your concerns with your surgeon and closely follow his/her advice.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Early Post-op Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for posting photographs. On the preoperative pot it looks like your left breast is smaller than your right and you may have had breast asymmetry even before you had any implants in place. Most women are asymmetric and even slight asymmetries are magnified with implants. That being said, you are still in the very early phase of healing. Unless your right breast has been increasing in size after the surgery, which would be a sign of bleeding or fluid collection, my recommendation is to let things settle and be in communication with your plastic surgeon. Implants may take months to settle down.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Dr. Babak Dadvand

Babak Dadvand, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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