11 Days After Rhinoplasty but Nostril Collapsed, What Could Have Happened?

A few days after my rhinoplasty i felt something poking out on the inside of my nose. I went for my checkup and told the dr my concern. I had a graft put in so i asked if maybe it was my graft Since it was white and bled when i cleaned. He told me maybe it was skin growing around my stitches so i felt relieved. Yesterday i noticed my right nostril collapsed and it was hard for me to breathe, i know i shouldnt have but i stuck my finger in and it feels like bone! Im really scared! What could it be

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11 Days After Rhinoplasty but Nostril Collapsed, What Could Have Happened?

From what you are describing, it could in fact be extrusion of whatever graft was used during your Rhinoplasty. You should be seen and evaluated by your Rhinoplasty surgeon ASAP.

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Nostril Collapse 11 Days after Rhinoplasty

We all share your concern, but none of us were present during your operation and cannot examine you; therefore, it is difficult for us to explain your observations. You should contact your surgeon for evaluation and treatment.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Nasal Collapse Postop

It sounds like you need to contact your surgeon's office and let him/her know what is going on and be evaluated.  It could be a variety of different things so the best thing is to be evaluated to come up with a treatment plan, if needed.

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Nostril collapse

Although not common it is posible for grafts to be dislodged or extruded. See you surgeon and approach the possibility with a lets just get it fixed attitude if something needs to be done rather then a why did this happen atmosphere. Only your surgeon is in position to know what's really going on at this time. Good luck.

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Unfortunately, it is possible that yout graft became dislodged. You need to keep in close contat with your doctor. Did you by any chance save the material that came out. If not, you will need o wait for more healing before any new surgery.

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Nostril Collapse After Rhinoplasty

IT is difficult to tell or know exactly what happened, but it is possible you "lost" a cartilage graft from the inside of the nose. If you needed the support (and the assumption is that you did since a graft was placed) then the loss of the internal support would lead to the collapse of the area. You would need to discuss this in detail with your doctor, but 11 days from your procedure to make a "final" assessment. Look at pre-op photos as well to make sure what you are seeing is a new finding.

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD

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Nostril collapsed after rhinoplasty

I know this can be a concerning time for you right after you've had your rhinoplasty but go back in for another check with your surgeon!  If it feels like bone, and looks like bone, its bone.  But don't panic as it would be unusual for this to not heal completely.  But if a graft of cartilage or bone were placed slightly anteriorly, and something shifted unpredictably after surgery, this could be a problem you would want checked right away.  If your nostril is collapsing and this problem didn't exist before then a narrowing could have occurred, also because of a shift of a graft to an inappropriate position. This would be something your surgeon would want to know about right away so that a decision can be made of what to do and when.  This would be a potential scenario that an immediate take back to the OR may be of benefit rather than waiting a period of months to solve as you truly are in such an early phase of healing that very little scar tissue formation has occurred.  Definitely make a point of going back and raising your concerns.  Hope this helps!

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