10 years Ago my Top Left Eyelid Drooped.After 3 Surgeries Yrs. Later It`s the Same, What Else Can I Do? (photo)

10 years ago my upper left eyelid just drooped. I`m a construction worker. I think it happened from having my hardhat leaning down to my eyelid. Over a period of years the muscle just relaxed. I had 3 surgeries the last being 6 years ago. It works for a few months then droops like before. I need to look up to see straight ahead of me. Very annoying. Please can I be helped? I`ll pay for the right operation if I`m informed who to actually go to. Please, any suggestions?

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Consultation with Oculoplastics Surgeon

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There are many different causes of droopy eyelid. It may be related to the muscle, or it could be due a neurological condition, especially if it varies from day to day. A consultation with an oculoplastics surgeon will help figure this out. The website asoprs.org will help you find an oculoplastic surgeon near you.

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Help for droopy eyelid

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Goodness.  You are in New York (where I trained many years ago).  There are many fine surgeons there who can help you.  Please see an oculo-plastic surgeon.  For a directory, refer to the ASOPRS.org website.  You will need a frontalis suspension type ptosis repair procedure

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Repeat drooping of the eyelid

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Recurrent drooping of the eyelid (or eyelid ptosis) after a prior lift can be due to a variety of factors. Re-stretching of the muscle that opens the eyelid (levator) or breaking of sutures are simple causes. If the levator muscle is healthy, the muscle can be re-tightened or shortened. If the muscle is weak, or if a nerve palsy is present, correction may require a frontalis suspension procedure where the eyelid is lifted by surgical connections to the brow muscles. Levator muscle weakness can be associated with other conditions of the eye and body. You should go see an oculoplastic surgeon, who can help clear up what is going on. Good luck!

Jeremiah P. Tao, MD
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