10 days post ptosis surgery and blepharoplasty. Now my eyes become too deep set? (Photos)

Hi i had the above surgery done and today mark the 10day post surgery. I look into mirror i cried. My eyes become more n more hollow and more deep set. Did the surgern remove too much fats or skin? I feel i look like a distorted doll now. Pls advise what i can do now to solve it. Can i do filler or botox or fat grafting for it now since im only 10days post surgery?

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It is far too early to know how this will go.

10 days is extremely early in your post operative course.  You need to be patient.  It will be about 2 months before you will have a reasonable idea of what type of result you are having.  Surgery can cause ptosis and if this does happen, it can be repaired.  

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Very early days!

Hi there. Greetings from the UK! Rest assured that it's way way too early to start worrying nor thinking about depth of skin crease etc. You've got a lot of pretarsal swelling which makes the crease look higher and the skin crease deeper. Although its still very early days it is reassuring that you've got pretty good symmetry at the moment. Many of my patients do look similar following this sort of surgery which is to be expected as it is a bit more complicated with more anatomical compartments than simple blepharoplasty. Patients invariably worry but rest assured the vast majority look great once all the swelling has settled. Best wishes. David

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