100%TCA Cross Leaves Brown Spots, How Long for These to Go Away? (photo)

Yea there was TCA Cross done, and crazy that all the scars have raised or some just are gone but it left brown spots, is this going to be gone in time or does it just stay? or do I need TCA peel and Laser to take it off. I'm kind of staying positive... Be honest DOC.

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Brown spots after TCA Peel, Laser or Dermabrasion

In general brown spots following a TCA or any other peel, laser or deep dermabrasion procedure is secondary to what is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The inflammation part is a normal part of the healing process but unfortunately you are sensitive to the sun which is what causes it. Ideally your doctor would have pre-treated your skin some weeks before your treatment with Retin A, 4% hydroquinone, and a strong SPF sunscreen and/or other agents to prevent this from happening. As soon as you are given permission you would again start these products  plus perhaps Kogic acid and use them for some time. Once they are established it is more difficult to get rid of. The same treatment can be done again but this time use products recommended by your doctor before and after. If these were not suggested you might want to seek another plastic surgeon or dermatologist to treat you.

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