I have an Irregular bone on one side of nose after injury 5 months ago. Do you think this is permanent? (photos)

Five months ago, i accidentally smacked my face into a step at the gym (the kind you step on to exercise). I heard a loud crack, my nose was swollen but did not bleed and I iced it right away for 24 hours on and off. Now five months later, I have a slightly irregular bone (in feel and look) on one side. Also after wearing eyeglasses I have indent marks (not present when I wear contacts.) At five months, should I assume this is permanent or should i give it more time?

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Nasal injury permanent?

Most likely your nasal deformity is permanent in nature after 5 months.  Surgery or camouflaging with fillers are options to consider. Please contact a nasal specialist for your problem.

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"Irregular" Nasal Bone 5 Months after Trauma

The irregularity you describe will be permanent unless you have surgery to change the unwanted contour. Consult with an experienced surgeon so you achieve a natural result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal bump

It is probably permanent, unless it is repaired. Beware of off label products in your nose, probably a minor procedure can remove the bump.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Rhinoplasty for permanent bump on nose

After 5 months the bump  present  will be permanent and will not go away without a rhinoplasty procedure to file it down. Osteotomies may or may not be required as well, if the nose  was fractured

William Portuese, MD
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Based on your photo, you may be a candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments.

Your post-traumatic nasal bump may be permanent at this stage, 5 months after your injury. If you desire a straighter nasal profile well-performed non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures may be something to consider. In our practice, we prefer to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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I have an Irregular bone on one side of nose after injury 5 months ago. Do you think this is permanent?

   This would be hard to determine without more photos before and after.  If you have a hump that has developed, a reasonable option to pursue at this time would be a closed rhinoplasty to reduce the hump. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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