10 Years Ago at Aged 25yrs I Had Saline 380g Breast Implants Placed Subglandular. I'd Now Like Them Removed

I was 9 stone and a small 34b. After implant I was 34d. I am now approx 10 stone and beats starting to overspill in 34d bras. I've not suffered any complaints but dislike the implants. I have seen two consultants, both said my implants are in great shape. O e said after explant there should be very little sag and should have good b cup but prob a c cup. The other refused to explant saying breast would look horrible. Im confused!

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Its your body

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It is totally reasonable to remove implants and yes there will be consequences to your tissues. You could have them removed and see how it goes and decide after 6 months if you want more surgery

Postop appearance of breasts after implant removal

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After removal of implants, some patients' breasts look like they did prior to their augmentation, while others have breasts that have significant deflation, loose skin, and sagging. The final appearance of your breasts will depend on multiple factors, such as your preoperative appearance, skin laxity, length of time of implantation, subsequent pregnancies, breast feeding, weight fluctuation. An in person consultation to obtain a complete health history and comprehensive exam will be the best way to predict your outcome. Consultations with multiple experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will help you come to a consensus with regard to your possible results after surgery. Thank you for sharing your question. Best wishes.

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