I Am 10 Wks Post TT and my Belly Button Started Bleeding Today Running Down my Stomach. What Could Cause This?

My belly button appeared to be closing, but today I noticed there was some drainage in what is left of the opening. I took a Q-tip to wipe out the drainage and my belly button started bleeding and running down my stomach. No pain though. Slowed down the bleeding, covered with gauze and taped it up. Is this something that requires immediate attention, or can it wait until my next appt?

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Belly Button Started Bleeding

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Most likely you allowed a collection of blood tinged fluid (seroma) to drain. Not wanting to give possibly false reassurance, a call to your surgeon is the best approach here.

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Blood, or bloody serous drainage?

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At 10 weeks post-op, bleeding other than a few drops (such as with a torn stitch or inadvertent minor wound separation) would be very unusual, but opening up the incision scab or crust and allowing a small seroma (that still has some old blood in the fluid) to drain sounds like what happened. Getting this fluid out is actually a good thing, as long as the opening in the incision is kept clean and does not allow infection IN!

I'd recommend earlier rather than later recheck with your surgeon, so that s/he can check this area out and see if there is any fluid that needs aspiration, or if antibiotic coverage is indicated. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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