10 Weeks Post Op. Right Will Not Drop?

10 weeks post op revision. both 510 cc saline . Right was done from armpit and left through areola due to CC. Right has not dropped and when I flex my muscle implant goes up and distortion of breast is bad ! Please what should I do? Will it drop? My dr is not that helpful

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!0 weeks post breast augmentation

Sometimes with a transaxillary approach, the muscle is not adequately released and the implant gets displaced with flexion as you  mention.  Best to discuss with your doctor. It may stretch a bit more with time.

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In our practice we give our patients a breast band that helps apply pressure to the implants to they can drop into their pocket. At 10 weeks it is still soon and you still have time to make them drop.


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Right Breast Implant Not Dropping?

Thank you for your question.

It is not possible to give you good advice without first examining you.  Although some breast asymmetry is to be expected after breast augmentation surgery, it sounds like you have significant asymmetry of the breast implant pockets.  Your situation is somewhat , catered by the need for revision I breast surgery as well as the use of 2 different approaches…

Because your surgeon knows you best, I would recommend that you continue with your follow up appointments and allow him/her to help you through this process.   It seems like breast implant continues to be significantly higher and/or experience more “distortion” on the left, further revision breast surgery may be necessary. However,  for now I would suggest aggressive massage  of both breasts (if recommended by your plastic surgeon)  and continued patience.  

 I hope this helps.

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10 Weeks Post Op. Right Will Not Drop

I cannot tell from your question whether the right side has not dropped and all work it has not dropped enough. With photographs preferably before and after his is impossible to visualize the problem so please consider a catching some photos.

Do continue massage as instructed by your surgeon and stay in communication with that surgeon. If there really has been no change in 10 weeks since surgery it is unlikely but not impossible that her change will occur. Thanks for the question. Think about attaching some photos. Best wishes.

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