10 Weeks Post-op from Rhino-septo Surgery - Still Bleeding and Very Swollen.

10 weeks postop from my rhino/septo surgery and I feel like my nose hasn't improved over the last 4-5 weeks. I'm still noticibly swollen and still bleeding out of my left nostril (the nostril that was deviated) and just about 2 weeks ago I started having a lot of pain, which I saw the doctor for and he said I had an ingrown nasal hair in my left nostril causing the pain. Also, he told me that my bone may have widened and he may have to operate again to narrow the bone. Is this normal?

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Nose swollen and still bleeding 10 weeks after Rhinoplasty.

 Yes, the nose can certainly still be swollen at 10 weeks after a Rhinoplasty however, IMHO the continued bleeding is unusual.  Follow up with your Rhinoplasty surgeon and follow his/her post op instructions through this postop phase.  

 If your nasal bones were broken (osteotomies) then yes, it is possible for one or both of the nasal bones to shift after they are broken.  This isn't common but when it does happen and results in widening or asymmetry, of the nasal bones, the bone(s) may require repeat osteotomy or rasping at 6 months after the Rhinoplasty.

 Should the bleeding continue, perhaps your Rhinoplasty surgeon can refer you to an ENT to remove the ingrown hair that's causing the problem and bleeding.

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Still very swollen

You may still be very swollen. If your septum was changed you have new airflow pattern and that can frequently cause dry spots until the nose adjusts to it. That can result in bleeding and stuffiness and requires lubrication for several months. Bones shouldn't widen but can shift. You should stay in good communication with your surgeon.

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Some bleeding is not uncommon after rhinoplasty


Thank you for the question.  Sigificant or appreciable bleeding many weeks after a rhinoplasty is not common.  Small amounts of spotting is not uncommon and goes away on its own.  Your situation sounds complicated enough that it requires an in person evaluation to determine what is occurring.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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Rhinoplasty issues

SOme bleeding can happen for several weeks after surgery depending upon what was done.  The bones could shift a bit as well.  Follow closely with your surgeon.

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10 Weeks Post-op from Rhino-septo Surgery - Still Bleeding and Very Swollen.

What you describe sounds very unusual. Best to obtain a second opinion in person not via the internet. Recommend Dr Frank Reiger in Tampa.

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