10 weeks PO one side of face looks different to the other? (Photo)

10 weeks ago I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty, midface lift and neck lift. My main concern is one of my eyebrows looks to have dropped a lot lower than the other. I had an infection due to a buried stitch in my eyelid that the kind doctors here told me what it was and I went and had it removed. Could the infection in my eyelid caused this eyebrow to drop? Thank you.

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Asymmetry after eye surgery

  • Swelling from an infected suture can make a lid droop temporarily,
  • There is some asymmetry in the brow and lids,
  • Ptosis is possible but so is natural asymmetry.
  • See your surgeon for an exam and to review before/after photos
  • Once you and s/he figure out the problem, it is wise to wait a full 6 months or longer from surgery before any revision. 

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Facial expression and healing time

At 10 weeks after surgery, there may be some changes still occurring with healing. Any residual swelling, infection, or weakness around a nerve from inflammation can affect your brow and eyelid position. Did you have any forehead/brow lifting? Your surgeon (and you) should evaluate you when your brow and eyelid muscles are relaxed. Assess if your right forehead muscle is weak, or perhaps your left upper eyelid muscle is drooping and your are lifting your left forehead muscle/brow in response. Carefully review your preoperative photos to determine if what you are seeing is new since surgery. Ideally, an office examination and consultation would allow a more accurate response. It may be that with time, your concerns will resolve, and if not, they can likely be improved.

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Your right brow is a bit lower.

Did you have a brow lift?  Sometimes after either a browlift or a midface lift the nerve to the forehead may not work well. Look in the mirror and try to lift your brows with your forehead muscles. If the right side doesn't seem to be working well this is from the inflammation around the nerve. This can take a few months to return to full function.  So give it time.

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Unrelated to the stitch issue.

Your photos suggest some type of upper eyelid ptosis that is more marked but well compensated on both sides. The left side is eliciting more of an elevation in the brow position suggesting that there is a bit more ptosis on the left side.  This would need to be carefully measures to know what your best options are to address this.  Currently I would say that you are much too early from the recent surgery to do anything but heal more.  At 6 to 12 months, if this issue persisted, it would be appropriate to be assess by an oculoplastic surgeon to determine the physical basis for the asymmetric and your best options to address it.

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